Sunday, November 29, 2009

mina ögon somnar nu

-Who are YOU?....said the Caterpillar
-I hardly know.... Alice replied

Friday, November 27, 2009

herro lovers

That was one failed thanxgiving, but then I find there´s not much to say thanks 4. Thanks 4 the end of the world in two years maybe. I spent it with M though, so she made it as uplifting as it could get.

Btw. My friend J told me the president´s spared turkey gets 2 live out it´s days in disneyworld. could this be true? enlighten me.

As u may have noticed my blog lust is way down right now, bare with me.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Big news.

So, I called and accepted the offer in NY this morning. Bananas. I´ll need to get back 2 yall bout this later. Right now imma call mom.

Monday, November 16, 2009

new wardrobe filling

If by shopping spree u mean picking up stuff I bought from ebay then I have been on a shopping spree today.
-What are u doing tonight then Sara?
-Well I´m spending the evening with GTA and Jackson and I´m embarrassingly exited.
-And how come posts bout Jackson always turn in to conversations with yourself?
-That I can´t answer.

have a good day kittens

Sunday, November 15, 2009


i have a camera again. halleluja.
I´ll celebrate with a pic of my new shooooes. Now I need me some sleep.

only three years

went and saw the 2012thingie. Kinda gives it another layer when it´s like

- omg they are going 2 die omg omg omg omg omg OH THATS MY HOUSE.

I think Ill go home to sweden 4 christmas 2012.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


NickTheDick has been my company these past days. He´s good company. He´s very clever and likes to argue. Sometimes I think he disagrees with me just 2 argue. We´ve been spending most of the times in his bed discussing swine flu. He thinks it´s a scam. I saw Miri so I dont´ have to even consider that. Btw what´s this crap bout u moving to germany mir? thats so not ok. So not ok. I enjoy NickDick (in all the ways), but LA would be nothin without u. Nick is making noises over there, telling me I should return.

Fly safe birds. (no don´t fly at all mir)

Monday, November 9, 2009


Lemonadeboy is no longer lemonadeboy. Lemonadeboy is now Jackson. He has a name u see. This Jackson of whom I speak turned out to be only ninteen, and hes (sadly finnish) friend aswell.

- So how come you spent the night at a ninteen years ol´boy´s house with his finnish friend, Sara?
-I really don´t know.
- Did you have fun?

My gosh Jackson is hilarious. I´m not sure about this thing, since he´s just a baby, but that kids like a little brother only not my brother so I dont automaticly hate him. Let´s se what future holds 4 me.

Now I´m gonna meet up Nick. It´s been ages.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

out in the night

good morning good night good day.

I spy with my little eye lemonadeboy outside the window. He spies me aswell. Fingerwawing at me to come out. Maybe I should. I´m not wearing pants tough, but then neither does his friend. His friend is almost as blond as I am, I wonder if hes a fake viking or a swede like me...

brb lemanadeboy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

a 100 word post

I woke up in this tiny beach house, but a beach house none the less. There´s leftover party and despair shattered all around me, and a boy beside me. Awake and watching me as I drunkenly wake up. vomit on the floor. hate when people watch me sleep. That boy´s just a desperate reaction to this Ryan thing. corrected (my @ the moment toxic blond) hair with a ozone-hole amount of spray(so sorry Bono) and I´ll make my way over to Miri´s place now. Metaphorically throw my nordic ice over her forehead and strangle her with care and safe

Monday, November 2, 2009

Guide me

Okey. It´s like this.

I ran in to Audrie Patridge some days ago. All very random. U 4 sure notice when she enters a room I tell you. U gotta duck 4 her boobs or they´ll poke your eyes out, but other from that she´s real nice. If u watch hills, which you probably do, u know Justin. Justino. Justin Bobby? I dunno, he´s like diddy (Or puffy or pussy or whatevr he´s called this week). What kinda hit me is that Ry is to me what Bobby is to her. Or more like it, I´m to Ryan what Bobby is to her. I run from him when he wants me and crawl back when hes off. I confuse myself. We went to vegas 4 the weeknd you know, and he was telling me bout som bartenderwhore and i got back to jealous crawling mode. He seemed all to happy and we kinda fell in to this boyfriend/grlfriend thing thats now in action. It makes me wanna puke all this relationshipshit over him. Why cant I just let him whore off with that girl? Ah what´s all this good 4. NY can´t come soon enough.

Känner att jag måste börja skriva lite på svenska igen. Måste hålla fötterna på jorden.