Thursday, November 12, 2009


NickTheDick has been my company these past days. He´s good company. He´s very clever and likes to argue. Sometimes I think he disagrees with me just 2 argue. We´ve been spending most of the times in his bed discussing swine flu. He thinks it´s a scam. I saw Miri so I dont´ have to even consider that. Btw what´s this crap bout u moving to germany mir? thats so not ok. So not ok. I enjoy NickDick (in all the ways), but LA would be nothin without u. Nick is making noises over there, telling me I should return.

Fly safe birds. (no don´t fly at all mir)

1 comment:

  1. make more noise, for once I can't hear you ;)
    I'm in Lichterfelde, just visited my cousin. You should be here, you'd like him. btw check the new Jean Paul gaultier thing. And I'll come back in time to prevent you from spending too much time with nick (wtf is he anyway?) ;)