Sunday, April 25, 2010


I didn´t sleep at home yesterday, and when I woke up my clothes were nowhere 2 be seen. Therefore yesterday I went out wearing nothing but my jacket. Nippleflash then and now when the wind grabbed the fabric. Then when I was paying 4 my conditionerandcoffeandbreadandanorange the boy in the register told me i looked i-D. I don´t know whether to laugh or cry.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kick me hit mE

Ryan and I have been spending some quality time. He isn´t really comfortable with spending time with me after I kinda left him for new york a while back.

This is 4 all boys out there;
kick me in the stomach when I steel your chips. punch me in the head if I´m better than you at fifa. Please don´t tip on your toes cause I´m a girl. I hate it.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

onehundred etthundra

What is this? Post 100. Oh my.

Gratulerar Sara. Tack så mycket:)

Imma leave u for the weekend. Then I´ll come back. And love you all more then ever before.

Monday, April 12, 2010

rory come home

Im off 2 dinner. Ryry, Nick and hopefully Belle.
I am really missing Rory. And also, I´m thinking about college. What do you think? I would like 2 go 2 school and learn filmmaking and everything around it. Do any of you know any good schools for this? Location is not a problem. I´m so far from home anyways, a few miles here or there makes no difference. Please help.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Feeling sorry 4 myself I just took the longest bath. Hour after hour.

I took the time 2 call some swedes at home, boys and girls I haven´t talked 2 for a very long time since I´m not really the facebooker I could be, and u know what I realized? How glad I am that I left. S is still dating the boy from 8th grade though they apparently brakes up a few times a month, L was supah-exited since she finally moved 2 her own place, age 23, and F works with cars(?). What? What´s up with everybody?

Here I am, sick as a dog in my bathtub with wrinkly fingertips and all the bubbles gone. Working for Flora serving coffee, missing Rory every day, fucking different boys every weekend and hitting my head on the ceilings of underground clubs. And still, still I feel like the biggest succes in the world when I realize what I left behind.