Monday, April 12, 2010

rory come home

Im off 2 dinner. Ryry, Nick and hopefully Belle.
I am really missing Rory. And also, I´m thinking about college. What do you think? I would like 2 go 2 school and learn filmmaking and everything around it. Do any of you know any good schools for this? Location is not a problem. I´m so far from home anyways, a few miles here or there makes no difference. Please help.


  1. The University of Southern California has the best Cinema Television School in the World. Spielberg, Lucas, Ron Howard, Zemekeis and so many more.

    NYU - the Tisch School gets lots of pub, but USC's is better

    UCLA - has a decent cinema school

    Full diclosure I went to USC and know lots and lots of people who graduated out of the USC CNTV and Theatre programs and all loved it. Plus you have lots and lots of connections once you gradute. Most of the little shorts you see on my blog were done by SC grads.

  2. ahhh you and I have that in common, I'd like to get into filmmaking myself. I've loved it since i was a child lol. but yea what the guy above me said, USC would be you're best bet. NYU is a BITCH to get into from what I hear.