Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jag kommer se tillbaka på desså år med sån ånger.

Yey. Appartmenthunting is fun. Jackson followed me round all day. (He looks good dear female friends. Very good) I have calculated my savings and looked at a few places I could afford. Looks good this far. My goal is 2 find one be4 my birthday, but I´ll se how that goes. Most importanly I´ll find a place I like.

Btw. Most amazing news ever; Belle is moving here. I would have never thought she would fall for LA, she´s very very london, but here she is. Amazing.

Can you tell? Another day where I´m disturbingly happy. What´s up with me?:)


  1. you lost me at jag kommer lol. good to hear things r goin well, good luck with ur apartment hunting! hope you find someplace that suits you.

    nothing's wrong with being happy ;)

  2. Los Angeles is the best city in the world. With Hong Kong, Vancouver and Paris close. Great blog.

  3. fab blog!

    For everything about fashion:

  4. los angeles could be fun
    but serioulsy new york is amazing!!
    we should all move there!

    love this photo!

  5. have yet to visit the west heart belongs in nyc..but damn i do love london


  6. I've never been to west coast. I hope this summer.
    I love that photo. stunning!

  7. I live in Maryland, unfortunate huh?

  8. I'm not so sure if I fell for, or fell in to LA but however.. It's my home now. wierd. But also freakin fantastic.