Sunday, March 7, 2010


That was one hell of a party.

A few hundred yards under the W in the Hollywood sign. One bottle of Jack 4 everyone. All dressed up like crazy we forced the poor tourists 2 take pictures with us. Signe and I sang old swedish songs and Belle made out with some twenty boys only on the way there. Miri wasn´t 2 bad herself. I can´t recall if there was some sort of competition?

R came. Tried 2 get in some fight with Avy and I. Didn´t succeed and after a light push from Avy he tumbled down the hills.

It wasn´t 2 long be4 shirts came off and kisses came from everywhere. Not 2 be rude but I´m pretty sure Belle went home with Jackson. Just sayin.

It became sort of an apartment-warming 2. I got the place I wanted. Yey:) Two bedrooms, kitchen and a roommate? I can hear voices from the other room right now but I´m not sure I want 2 open and look. I know her better than that. Things can´t be unseen.

Thank u all 4 one of the best B-days ever.

ps. Kim and Signe, what was that!? ds.


  1. Congrats on the apartment darling, and thank you for a great party. We sure did pick a perfect spot. and hey, I didn't go home with him! For once I actualy kept it in my pants.Haha.

  2. woooow sounds like one HELL of a party lol. I'm glad u had a great time and congrats on the apartment! I knew u'd get it ;)

  3. nice one with the apartment, sounds like a good party, I'm glad you had fun :) x.

  4. I am sure you had fun....:)

  5. that's a cool phtoos sarha, love it!


  6. happy b-lated? birthday. the party sounds like a real blast :) LA style

  7. happy belated b-day!!
    wow awesome present!
    how come nobody gives me cool gifts like this hahhah
    so glad you got the apartment you wanted yay!!

  8. hun, happy to be back. Christ think I needed a wakeup like that. Well actually it was not a wakeup, more like the opposite. Whatever.

    You are 20!!! No more pardons. Blood's there to be used hun.

  9. sounds like you had a blast! congrats!!
    but i was so looking forward to seeing you in your sex kitten outfit!!


  10. happy belated girl, hope you got hammered ! i havent partied hard in a while !

    xx lue