Friday, June 4, 2010

f it

"I love you"

How can any boy in any way destry a relationship faster than saying the 3 words?
I push him off me and tumble out the door. Never mind my shoes or my phone. It`s dangerous back there, cant return. He is dangerous hazard.

You don´t love me- u love the thought of me in your old clothes smoking in the window. Love the thought of maybe you are the boy who can fix me. Make me eat. Make me convinced wine is not breakfast. You won´t be able 2. I won´t sit in your window like a girl in a movie. I will jump.


  1. while you may be right, you may also be wrong. why the fear of possibly having a guy love you genuinely?

  2. It is a freaky thing.

    ...but maybe it's something that isn't exactly worth running away from?