Saturday, May 29, 2010

My legs feel broken and I can´t stand up no matter how hard I try. 4 some reason, as Jason and I was on our way out, he thought it was a good idea 4 me 2 drive. I don´t drive. One thing 2 another= I hit a bunny. I hit a fuckin bunny with my car. In anger I decided 2 walk home, mad at every automobile on this planet. Ergo My lags can´t keep me up, and my heart can´t stop aching.

bare with me I´m tired.


  1. Dark. It'll be fine. Just don't take any paracetamol, because it's a placebo.

  2. I painstakingly avoided hitting a bunny the other day and was so happy, but when I returned I saw it dead in the road--someone else had done the job I could not do.

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