Monday, May 10, 2010

3rd grade religion. God is three.

The Father***The son***The holy Spirit.

How can that be. I remember I was very confused. Either u have long hair or u have short hair. It´s not that hard. You know what you are and what you like and that´s you.

Now, a few years later I get it. I´m not sure I believe in the bible god, but I´m sure I understand the philosophical way of looking at it. You are you. And then there is the one you would wish you could be. Still you, but skinnier, braver, smarter. U know. And then there is your ideal you. If you´re tall this ideal is often short. If you´re pale she is dark and if you´re shy she´s a stripper. We are all three. I spill myself out in this blog, leaving myself as wine stains on your carpets. My two moleskins are where I spill my other selves.

-Oh, moleskins, how hipster.
-Yes, moleskins.

And now I have lost them. It leaves a more thoughtful Sara 4 you to bare with until I can spill those merlots where they belong.


  1. You lost your moleskines? Gosh! That's too sad! I hope you can still find them. xoxo

  2. yes, bleach them and tell everyone their proenza schouler :] like anyone is going to be ballsy enough to check...

  3. I like this post a lot! it makes sense lol

    rtf :)

  4. I wouldn't be able to live without my moleskin! I jot down all my random ideas for projects in them :)

  5. thats holy GOD!

    I do read about bible and learn about christianity
    since I was in christian school although I am buddhist :)