Saturday, October 17, 2009

erotic novel

My computer figured ah, to hell with it and quit on me yesterday. This my friends is a post written from Mr. Bigshots computer. I´m sitting here going through his mail inbox. Very hung over. There is a message hee from TomKats lawyers. Uh oh Mr...

What I was saying though, was hells yes Nick looked so damn good tonight. I´m not even ashamed to say I woke up next to him in a questionable pose this morning.
Thats how good he looked. He hasn´t cut his hair since I left for NY it seems, and it was all perfectly cullen-messy and sweet. Ah I´m getting all exited here. He whispered things to. Oh I don´t know how to tell you. I don´t have a way with words just yet, like some of my very well red friends. You should have heard some of the conversations towards the later hours. There was this boy there. Obviously very well red, and obviosly a lame homeschooled boy who accidentaly turned hot. He pulled some fancy quote and laughed to himself. When noone else laughed he raised his voice and almost screamed

- Ah, I guess you dont know your Jean-Jacques Bouchard?

And he kept laughing to himself until Miri found some air in the corner and quietly whispered;

- Douche, Marquis de Sade is turning in the grave with you calling his work Bouchard. Shut the fuck up.

Then she tumbles out and mumbles something about how uptight la di da´s should all be shot of. I dont know where Miri went, or Ladida-boy either. All I know is Nick makes me weak to my knees and I kinda like it.

Jeriko. Sara


  1. Shutting know-it-alls up by showing them they're wrong is orgasmic.

  2. thank u very much for your comment.

  3. Bring M with you next time

  4. tack! åh vad kul att bo i hollywood? :D är det?

  5. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog !!

    Love love this short story you wrote :)