Friday, October 23, 2009

I am sorry [insert you who lives on berkely ave]

After some stops at a few different house parties I got the questionable pleasure of meeting Calais. I was painfully sober, can´t say the same about her. I had this idea that being sober would help me pick a good guy 4 once. I can tell you 4 sho; that does not work! Boys are ugly when sober.

I don’t really know how, but I ended up the designated driver. I hit more stuff then I avoided though, with that big ass car. I am very sorry [insert who ever lives on berkely ave according to my questionable calculations] but I haven´t driven in so long! No wonder we didn’t even reach our final goal. Akbar is 4 pussys anyways.


  1. akbar's the perfect goal not to arrive to. We got the questionably pleasure of laughing in a sidewalk for half an hour at least ;)

  2. love your blog. so mysterious! thank you for your sweet comment. i'm following your blog.