Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Honey I`m home

I´m on my way home. Or home? I don´t know. I´m on my way back though. Back to LA. To Nick, to Ry and Miri. To my alphabet; R, D, L. Back to all my loved ones, and all my lovers, and still I´m not feeling as this is home. I have not told Mr and Mrs why I went to NY. I´m not sure I ever will if I don´t take the job. Ah if I dont take the job. Why the hell not? I would be stupid. But still.

NY has been so kind to me. BB has shown me all the secret places of hers. Small parks, the best pizza, the best vintage stores. Last night I BB fixed me a party. I argued it was to long untill Halloween, but she did not care. 20 pizzas from grimaldis, around 70 people in a three bedroom apartment. Ah BB...I love you.

I love it here, LA that is, but NY treats me like a want it to. La does not. I´m not even a car person, what the hell am I doing here? All I know is that I´m on my way back, and Ry will meet me up as soon as possible. He wants to talk. I´m not exited. I just want my Mirage, a bottle and the jaccuzzi to ourselves.


  1. babee.. I love you for this! best friend and traitor, get back to Ak´bar this very moment <3