Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lemonade boy

I totally forgot to tell you about this bizarre thing that has been nagging me ever since.

I was playing with little S on the street a few days ago. She had watched a simpsons episode and was now determent to build a lemonade stand as they apparently had done. The thing is no one on our street ever walks. It´s run run run car car car jog jog jog, so it ended up being mostly me buying it all. Then this boy came down the street. I think he introduced himself but I don´t remember his name. He apparently lives on the same street as we do, meaning he is riddiculosly wealthy and all, but he didn´t act like that. I think he is a few years younger than me, and he was very speciall in an uncommon way. A very nice boy (and totally easy on the eyes). Then he kinda pulled me to the side, after making S a few dollars richer, and he told me how he used to watch me leave the house late in (borrowed) heels and then return home barefoot in the morning carrying them in my hand.

I didn´t know to be scared or flattered. I chose scared and I think he noticed cause he then added;

- Me and my friends that is. They have kinda dared me to invite you in one day but I told them your way to old and way to pretty.

And then he went so red, so red, made some excuses and tumbled off. I don´t know if it was the old, or the pretty part he regretted. I was left just as tumbled as he seemed.


  1. Cute, I remember that Simpsons episode. This version was better. Thanks for noticing my haircut by the way!

  2. haha omg. We have to invite him some night girl. I'll totally take his virginity.Or you. Anyhow, he'll be ok.

  3. that's so cute. younger can be adorable. ok i'm taking a guess at who you work for.. the cruises?