Saturday, October 3, 2009

in the big city of lonely lights

Moving to New York? Please help.

This is the deal; Same job different place. New York (Manhattan)to be precise. What do you think? It´s this other swedish girl, Bella, whom I actually sat next to on the plane to USA for the first time. I was ready to kill her since she got placed on manhattan and got phoenix, but now she called and told me she was going home. She missed her boyfriend. hahaha. gosh. But blahblahblah one thing lead to another and she recommended me to the couple she was working at, who obviously was in need of a new nanny, and they contacted my agency and so on. They called a few days ago. The only one I have mentioned this to is my miri and she was in winter wonderland making snow angels at the time so her answers were not much help.

+ Soho manhattan. Does it get better in this world?
+ BB!!! My dear b would be close by.
- My LA family. My crazy forgiving family. I would miss them. I would miss Little S the most.
- My Ry,my Mirage, my W, my Nick, my s, my C... I mean i have got a whole alfabet of friends here. No more strip-kareoke, no more crazy nights licking wine from W. No more La crew.
+/-:And this celebrity thing. Well I wouldn´t climb down that ladder so to speak...

Help me. Yes/no and why.

Last time I was there BB and I went up empire state at night and I took this. Oh I do actually miss it.

HELP! / sara


  1. Do it! New York is fun and changing up your life never hurts! Maybe you'll get stuck here like I did. :D

  2. Yes, do it, why even think about it?
    New York is way cooler than LA'll ever be.

  3. Åh, älskade Pattinson-bilden. Men de använder sig utav ritbord & illustrator väl?

    Förresten, åk till NY! :)


  5. dont leave L.A. Haha, I hate it here, but I still want you to stay..

  6. STAY for god's sake! Ok, bad reason, but still!
    Love M

  7. Beautiful picture
    Please stayy
    This is the most exciting perfect thing I've ever read of happening to somebodyy
    Best wishes :)
    I want to hear about all the adventures