Monday, February 8, 2010


I´m home. Tillbaks där jag hör hemma.

Miri met me at LAX.
Not lying Miri, u must have lost ten pounds since I left. And 4 a girl who was like ten pounds to start with that shows. You can´t live on snow only meine liebe.
It felt like I would snap u right off when I hugged you.

She seemed unusually upbeat though.

- We r goin home to Avy tonight. She said.
- Who´s Avy? I asked.
- She loves plum wine almost as much as I do.
She answers, like that was all I needed to know.

Boys kissed. Girls Kissed. Miri kissed Avy and someone went home in an ambulance I think. I met a girl named Signe and she´s my new love. I did fuck a boy who was missing one tooth from a trip to alaska, but she´s my new love.

So I´m home. Or I really don´t have a home rightnow, but that´s when a Miri with an attic comes in handy.

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