Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I´m in desperate need of a job. My days and nights are floating together in a blur and I see less of Miri then I would have wished. Fill my days please.

Signe though she could get me a job at the coffeshop but that no sure thing. I´m feeling a bit low right now. I do blogdesigns and banners and such if you want to keep me occupied.

For free. Feel free 2 ask.

I think I saw Jackson yesterday btw. I hope.

Love SJo


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel. i've been feeling the exact same way lately. too bad the job market is shit currently -_-

  2. awww i'm sure u have talent ur probably just bein too hard on urself.

    if u wanna do a banner or design for my blog i'd definitely post it

  3. thanx for the compliment on my musical tastes, i pride myself in being eclectic =).

    ok cool do u need me to tell u anything or are u just gonna contact me when your finished with it?

  4. HUn, I'm @intelligentsia. Mom's off tonight I'm bored to hell and renting a movie. can you believe it? wanna watch lady in the lake or something with ivony faces and neverending kisses?