Monday, February 15, 2010


m and random gurl at the russian party.

Some of u asked me where I live right now. Well, since I came back I´ve been living here and there, wherever and with whom ever let´s me in. Mostly at Miri´s place. Now you know.

Back when I was 13 I spent the summer in London. Dad worked, and I spent the days running the streets, smoking cigarettes for the first time and learning english; with Belle. She taught me how to kiss a boy, how to get free beer from the drunk men at the pubs, and how to get a free ride from the cabdrivers late at night. Belle is here now, in LA 2 visit her father, and I´m going 2 meet up with her today. I´m almost nervous.


  1. Getting free beer isn't that hard, just be a girl. That's usually enough.

  2. i think everyone needs someone like that in their lives?

  3. Hihi why would you think i'm sweet?
    But i hope you had a great time catching up with your friend! You have some writing skills!

  4. Haha i never heard that one before ;) But thanks dolls rule!

  5. have fun. this girl sounds awesome.

  6. haha we're gonna have so much fun running the streets of LA love. Dont need no cabdrivers we'l just kiss the boys. btw, you're looking green in that corner from the laptoplight. this is ridiculous. I could wake you, but I'm just sitting here writing a stupid comment you'll see tomorrow morning. vatevah. I'm going to sleep now too. dreaming them dreams you're dreaming.