Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Bells is going home soon she says. She won´t be here for my birthday.
So, instead, we went out 2day to find a location for it. Since I, at the moment, am a couch crasher without a place to have some sort of fiesta, we went hunting.

First stop, the liquor store.
Belle wanted plum wine. She goes nowhere without her plum wine she says.
Second stop, the hollywood sign.
2 get a good view u know. It´s a restricted area and whatnow now, so sad.

A few hundred yards below the W we parked our butts and watched the city turning dark. Day became night and we started to feel like this isn´t so bad after all. Quite all right. And just like that we had our place.

Now all I have 2 do is get the troops together.


  1. that photo of robert is awesome :)
    aaah and i wish i could see the hollywood sign...

  2. I think it'll be perfect darling. and I'll do my best to still be here when you have ur party, it's not like I want to go home :)

  3. that sounds amazing, love that kind of moments! love your blog!!

  4. you are gorgeous and you will remain gorgeous, for being beautiful imo is not about the exterior but the interior--and you are fine in that department. love.


  5. nice pic of rob pattinson. and that sucks that she won't be there for your birthday.