Monday, September 21, 2009

Birdsnest in my mouth

I woke up with hair in my mouth, not my own it turned out. This boy laying by my side, who´s hair this was, was still asleep. Out of convenience I pretended to sleep myself when he woke, so that he could leave quietly, but when he stayed for at least half an hour I got way to curious to keep my eyes cloesed. All I can tell you is BOY did I make a good drunken mistake last night. This boy, named Nick he tells me, is the prettiest boy I have ever seen. I meen gosh. He´s having a smoke on the balcony right now, and even his back has got that je ne sais qua . Nick is my new dick.

Jag vaknade bredvid en pojke idag, utan några minnen av hur detta hände, men jag kan inte säga att jag ångrar mig. Han är något av det vackrate jag sett.
Som BB sa; Is nick your new dick?
Det är han verkligen.

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