Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ryans dad

I met Ryan´s dad today. He´s very convinced that Ry and I are just friends cause I´m not the up to Ryan´s standards. I´m "just the help" you know. Therefore he likes me. We all know differently though don’t we. I´m very up to Ryans standards. Just last night I was up to his standards actually. In the Jacuzzi. I always feel kinda grossed out when I see the kids play there a day after a showdown of mine. It´s just not right in so many ways. What I was saying though, was up yours Ryan’s dad. I´m up to standards and more.

Sprang på ryans pappa idag. Även om han inte gillar någon tjej i Ryans omgivning har han inget emot mig. Anledning: Han tror inte att Ryan skulle sänka sig till min nivå. haha. Jag är ju bara en "help". Up yours Ryans pappa du skulle bara veta.

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