Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The game

I´ve got a bag - a prada - and I’m gonna give it to one of you all. Maybe if you would be all nosey and all it´s not 100% mine, but belongs to the Mrs in the house, but I kinda got it. (She gave it to me in a not so sober state of mind. She won’t miss it.) All you need to do is tell me who I work for. That’s all. Easy peasy. Simple as getting a Carter in bed. (Nick has gone all beerbelly on me though...) Just check in every once in a while for clues, and the first one to guess correctly wins the pretty pretty prada. It´s helps to bloglove if you don´t wanna miss anything.

How the heck would we guess that right might you ask? Well you see, they are quite the famous couple. I mean if you’re not completely tard you know of them. I promise, they are hollywood-bigshots.

So, hit me with your best shot ladies and gents. Let´s gogogo!

Såhär är det. Jag har en väska, en Prada, som jag fått av Mrs. Jag tänkte såhär, att eftersom jag, såklart, inte kan namedroppa paret jag jobbar hos så får ni gissa. Gissa rätt och väskan blir din. Ni undrar säkert hur i helvete ni ska kunna gissa vem jag jobbar hos, men jag kan tala om så mkt att det gör ni. Kan gissa alltså. Är ni inte helt efterblivna inom nöjesvärlden vet ni vilka de är. Jag lovar. Dom är hollywood-bigshots. Kollar ni in lite då och då blir det ju såklart lättare, så bloglovin´a for gods sake. Kom igen nu svennar, gissa. Jag hejjar lite på er.


  1. Oh crap. I have no idea. Bellatrix Lestrange?

  2. haha, no.

    harry potter, though, = love.

  3. I'll guess Jane Kaczmarek and Bradley Whitford. I'm just guessing for fun, though. The bag looks nice, but it's not quite my style. ;-)