Thursday, September 17, 2009

guilty pleasures

Mr.bigshot is out of town and took ladyactor with him. My fave time of the month. It gives time for my very favorite pastimes like goin´ trough Mr.bigshots computer, drinking his wines (way to nice to be wasted on me) and skinnydipping in the pool. His L-top password is way too easy. Childs name x2 + pet name. I find lots of nice stuff on there to, he has got the mail inbox of my dreams. Leo Cap, Beckhams and Ryders. This reading is better than sex, and he´s had sex with half the people in the valley.
And he´s got this thing you see, googeling his own name. We’ve all done it, I know, but I mean like twice every day. Extra fun though is when he googles “Mr.Bigshot naked” “Mr.Bigshot sextape” “Mr.Bigshot sexy photos” and so on. I mean ha.ha.ha. I better watch my toung.

För att vara känd är Mr väldigt godtrogen. Han litar på mig och lämnar alltid datorn hemma när familjen åker. Han borde veta bättre. haha. Kollar man läget på hans "historik" är det oändliga googlingar på hans eget namn följt av sextape, hot, sexy photos och så vidare. hahaha. Jag får akta vad jag skriver.

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