Wednesday, September 16, 2009

how I got here

Welcome to Fame.

I left Sweden a few back. I´m still a swede on paper and all that but nm, I´m as american you can be in heart. I left to Au Pair and ended up in Phoenix of all damn places. Fuckin phoenix arizona I tell you. Phix is probably as different from sweden as it gets, with all their inland ideas and whatnot, and my fam was as different from swedes as anyone sane can be. Doubtfull if these crazys were sane though.


There was Laura with hair high enough to qualify her as a bballer. I tell you, shoot her and there will be no more global warming issues. It’s a miracle that her constant money withdrawal has not gotten her gunned to the ground by her dear hubby all ready though. Billyboy would have been my number one suspect if we one day woke up and found Laura splattered all over the walls. I´d just give him an apreciative pad on the back and leave quietly. There three kids were as good as anyone could be being raised (until my blessed arrival) by the couple from love and marriage: they were nasty nasty children. Long story short I slowly but surely went bananas and had to leave. New fam new city a few times, slowly making my way west. Then, finally LA. I´m not gonna jab out bout my new family just yet though, I want to play a game with you all.

What I was saying was welcome. Welcome to me, to LA, to gossip and to fame.


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