Monday, September 28, 2009

Ryan is a poet indeed

Ryan after a few minutes of me talking about Nick:

Ry: Do you know those see-through squiggly worms you have on your eyeballs?
Me: I do.
Ry: You are one of those worms.
Me: Oh... And how is that?
Ry: They are always there, though I can only see them when I close my eyelids, and when I try to focus on it, and look straight at it, it floats away. You S, you are only here in the middle of the night when I close my eyes and you want to fck, and then when it´s morning again, and I want to look straight at you, you float away.


Me: Have you thought about that for long?
Ry: I have, yes.
Me: And where did you get the idea?
Ry: Family guy.
Me: Family guy?
Ry: Family guy...

I think I need to spend some more time with Ry to butch him up a bit. He is going all girl on me.


  1. What's wrong with ur Iphone hun? Tried to call u, don't forget that you have to take care of the homeless today!

  2. It does sound pretty cool, but I don't think I would have copped to hearing it on Family Guy. ;-)