Wednesday, September 16, 2009

one familymember less today

Mrs.actorlady is gone for some interviews today, ergo Mr.Bigshot is extra friendly.
- Where is Sara at? I hear him say. Is she not in today? She works today right? ROSIE?
Rosie just mumbles all familyguy-y.
- Oh there you are littlest, He says when he finds me.
Clearly glad that the kids and I are bathing. Clearly appreciative of the small clothes needed for the occasion. Clearly liking the way things work out for him some days. I´m glad for you Mr.Bigshot. You should give me a raise, just as I give you one.

Idag är FrökenFamous borta och gör intervjuer för tidningar, vilket leder till Mr. Bigshots överdrivet glada humör. Han uppskattar helt klart mitt och barnens val av aktivitet idag, Kanske uppskattar han mer kläderna/bristen på kläder det för med sig.

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